Foundation for Australia Japan Studies (FAJS) Grant Awardees 2018

The Foundation for Australia-Japan Studies (FAJS) is pleased to announce a 2018 Rio Tinto Australia-Japan Collaboration Program Grant award to:

Associate Professor Toru Wakihara, Department of Chemical Systems Engineering, University of Tokyo and  Professor Yusuke Yamauchi, School of Chemical Engineering and Senior Group Leader, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland.

Their collaborative project, Nanoarchitectured Functional Porous Materials as Adsorbents of Greenhouse Gases and Catalysts: Converting Them into Valuable Chemicalsaims to address global warming through the reduction of greenhouse gases. 

This Japan-Australia joint team will build new technologies to pull two of the most problematic greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere and convert them into useful fuels. The researchers will design and fabricate nanostructured absorbent raw materials, including single layers of carbon atoms (graphene), and a volcanic-mineral-resembling material called zeolite, and construct them on a nanoscale to add special pores. The nanopores will make the materials even more capable of adsorption and provide space for efficient chemical conversion of the greenhouse gasses carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into hydrocarbons - the building blocks of petroleum and natural gas fuels. This academic-industry partnership between Japan and Australia will push the boundaries of chemical engineering and materials science and find solutions for global climate change and energy sustainability.

The total FAJS funds awarded are: AUD 150,000

The 2019 Collaborative Grants Programme is now open for applications and closes  31 January 2019:

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