Selection Criteria

Selection criteria are:  here  

1.     Relevance:  Alignment with the strategic objectives of the Foundation. 

2.     Salience:  Demonstrable outcomes that will contribute to trade, investment, policy or societal aspects of the bilateral relationship.

3.     Innovation:  Originality of research, contribution to innovation and the advancement of knowledge.

4.     Track Record:  Research experience and standing of participants.

5.     Networks:  Potential for building new networks and links between industry, universities and government or other multiplier effects of the research activity.

6.     Sustainability:  Prospect for sustained activity beyond the grant period.

7.     Diversity:  Involvement of diverse and next-generation researchers

8.     Co-contribution:  Evidence of contributions from partners or other research grant bodies.

Scope of Funding

Grant applications should be for a minimum of AUD$50,000.  The maximum for a single award is unlikely to be more than AUD$150,000 though the Board may make higher awards if it considers the project warrants it.    

Grants will normally run for one year but no-cost extensions of up to 18-24 months may be considered. 

Evidence of contributions from other sources either in cash or in kind will strengthen the application.

Multi-year awards to the same applicant or consortium will generally not be considered.

Awards to the same application or consortium in consecutive years are unlikely and would require a showing of exceptionally strong performance in the first award period.  

Use of funds

What the grant may be used for

You must use the grant for the following activities: 

·      The project outlined within the application.

You can use the grant to pay for costs detailed in your budget and grant agreement, including: 

·      Economy class airfare (domestic & international), modest accommodation costs, meals and travel allowances, other transport,

·      Communication and translation,

·      Venue hire and catering for promotional events that present research results to appropriate stakeholders, 

·      Advertising and promotion, graphic design, photography and printed material,

·      Only one participant per conference or meeting and only where the participant is a principal speaker and the subject of the conference is of direct relevance to the grant opportunity.

·      Costs directly related to the project where agreed with the Foundation, including essential equipment and salaries for research assistants or fixed-term early career researchers.  This may include reasonable overheads in line with the policy of the applicant institution and subject to approval by the Foundation.   

You can only spend grant funds on eligible grant activities as defined in the grant details in your grant agreement.  

What the grant money cannot be used for

You cannot normally use the grant for the following: 

·      salaries for researchers employed by universities or by the applicant institution

·      the covering of retrospective costs or recurrent funding of activities

·      activities which are already commercially viable in their own right 

·      activities which will provide commercial advantage to the applicant (e.g. promotion of the applicant’s own business)

·      costs incurred in the preparation of a grant application or related documentation

·      subsidy of general ongoing administration of an organisation such as electricity, phone, rent, honorariums or administrative charges levied by the applicant's organisation,

·      We do not generally fund travel and accommodation for attendance at conferences or meetings, unless such activities are considered by the Foundation to be of direct relevance to its objectives. To be considered, a substantial program should exist in the sidelines or around the conferenceand there should also be a strong argument for the selection of applicant(s).