Grant Priority Areas 2019-2020 

The Foundation is open to considering proposals in a wide range of fields that meet the criteria outlined above.  In the first year of the program the Foundation will be particularly interested in projects in the following broad areas that bring together both countries’ stated priorities in science, technology, innovation and health and capture research complementarities, namely:

Materials and energy technologies and systems           

-       examples could include alternative energy sources and systems; combustion technologies; advances in energy carrier systems; developments of biomimetic, structural and other new materials;  new developments in mining and resources; novel remote or geophysical sensor technology.

Computing, digital and AI applications and developments 

-    examples could include big data use and application; cybersecurity developments and systems; new transport systems such as autonomous vehicle development and testing; sensor data processing.

Food, marine and agriculture science and technologies

-       examples could include ocean resource technologies; applications of technology from other fields to agriculture such as remote sensing vegetation analysis; new strains of crops; disease and pest management;

Medical science and technology 

-       examples could include Infectious diseases prevention and control; regenerative medicine; development and improvement of medical devices; translational and clinical applications of research and early science technologies.  

Social and physical infrastructure 

-       examples could include business innovations; changes in business operations resulting from technology (including AI, IoT, etc); innovation management; social entrepreneurship; social, education, health or transport change and change management; impact of AI and other technology on society and labour force; physical infrastructure maintenance, management and renovations.

The Foundation is willing to consider proposals in other areas that meet the general criteria outlined in the mission statement and the Foundation will view favourably proposals where the research problem addressed has arisen from an industry-identified practical problem or has been jointly developed by a university and industry team.